So you need a few more reasons to join us.  We get it!  Here's some of the main reasons we're valuable to your business.


For starters, we believe in community over competition.  You'll find that our members tend to refer one another, and we've all helped our businesses grow over the years every opportunity we have!  We typically plan 2-3 larger networking events every year.  Member mixers, if you will!  We choose different locations, and encourage all our members to join. We also collaborate with local Rising Tide Society chapters, to provide business creativity, fresh outlooks, & group coaching.  The idea is that you'll get to meet one another outside of the stress of a wedding day, and grow your own networking for referrals & future event needs.  Often, meeting vendors outside of a wedding day allows for the birth of creative styled shoots ideas, and passion projects.  


Do you know much about SEO?  We do!  And when a bride is planning her Montana wedding, she's likely typing in something along the lines of "Montana Wedding Photographer," or "Montana Wedding Caterer" when she's starting out.  It's a pretty broad search, and if you're not on page one, you can be hard to find.  Although we're a new website, we're GOING to be found by most brides searching online for vendors.  We're a great resource!  Once we drive the brides to the website, it's your job to create a listing for your business that makes them want to contact you.  A lot of images have been uploaded to our website, and we'll continue to update those as we receive more.  Our site is easy to navigate, up to par with current wedding trends - we will keep potential client's interest!  Let us do the work of getting front of the client.  Once they're on the specific vendor page, you've got a much better chance at being considered!


Instead of spending a TON of money on outreach to get that ideal client, spend a little and get a lot!  We're a non-profit whose sole purpose is to use your membership dollars to drive potential clients to our website, and therefore, to you!  We can all agree that word of mouth works great for in-state, local business.  But did you know that after Vegas & Hawaii, Montana is one of the most popular destination wedding markets in the United States?  How do you market to brides all over the US?  You use the combined strength of our membership dollars to do it!  



We know there's other options out there for marketing & Association memberships.  Because we started in the Bitterroot Valley, we want to stay true to our small town roots, and keep membership fees as reasonable as possible.  We strongly believe in volunteering to keep our organization strong, and to keep dues low.  The more affordable we are, the easier it is for fledgling businesses to join.  Those more established businesses with more expendable income are encouraged to join many organizations, and have a wider reach!  We believe in community over competition.



Yeah, we've expanded beyond the Bitterroot & Missoula Valley.  Why?  The Bitterroot Valley typically only hosted 200 weddings a year.  Missoula, 800.  Butte, 400, and Helena, 350.  Then you have destination areas like Glacier & Bozeman, who typically each host over 1,200 a year.  When it comes to out of state brides, what's drawing them to these markets?  Is it National Parks?  If so, did you know, you can't get married IN a National Park unless you've got a wedding of less than 16 people?  So let's do a better job getting in front of clients who are considering a Montana wedding, and explain why any part of Western Montana is a great location for weddings!  Western Montana abounds with views of mountains, rivers, plains, and all the vendors to make a wedding look exactly like a client wants.  We're providing a resource that explains this, and makes it easier to find professional vendors.


P.O. Box 5194, Missoula, Montana  59806 

Tel (406) 240-2587  WesternMTWedding@gmail.com

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