Would you like to be a part of this exciting new event?  See the information below to find out more about our big plans!

Make sure you've signed up to be a member of our group before submitting this application.  Only members can participate!


This is our first year offering the venue tour.   How did we choose the venues?  We had to switch plans last minute when our booked wedding fair venue didn't pan out as planned.  The venues who were chosen to participate in this year's venue tour are venues who signed up to do our wedding fair, and who were located within an hour drive of Missoula.  We recognize not everyone is able to participate in this year's venue tour on such short notice, but depending on how this year goes, we're considering adding a Flathead Tour, and possibly doing both the wedding fair and the venue tour next year!

HOME BASE/BRIDAL HAUS:  The Merc (Residence Inn), Missoula

Little Smith Creek Ranch, Victor

Flying Horse MT, Corvallis

Stone Tower Estate, Stevensville

Wildlife Landing, Stevensville


Booth fees are $250 for a space at one of our venues.

We will be limiting the types of vendors at each venue (i.e., one photographer per venue)

There are lots of opportunities to sponsor portions of this event as well!

Your must be a member of our Association to have a booth at this event.

Current membership rates are $200 for the remainder of the year.


                             10:00 AM     Bridal Haus Opens at The Merc

                                                 Registration Opens at The Merc

                             11:00 AM     Buses leave the Merc, and head for the venues

                             12:00 PM      First Scheduled Venue Site Tour

                             12:45 PM      Buses leave for next venue

                               1:15 PM      Second Scheduled Venue Site Tour

                               2:00 PM      Buses leave for next venue

                               2:30 PM      Third Scheduled Venue Site Tour

                                                  Registration concludes at the Merc

                               3:15 PM      Buses leave for next venue

                               3:45 PM      Fourth Scheduled Venue Site Tour

                               4:30 PM      Buses leave the final venue and head back to Missoula

                                                  Teardown at venues can begin!

                               5:30 PM      Buses arrive at the Merc

                                                  Bridal Haus begins 50% off

                               6:30 PM      Bridal Haus concludes


We plan on having scheduled site tours (see timing above), so our buses leave on time, between venues.  Maps for the venue tour MUST be picked up at The Merc, and brides are required to buy tickets to attend this event.  (It's a minimal fee for a ticket, but it helps cover the cost of the event, and helps us plan the amount of transportation we need!)  Guests may choose to drive themselves if they don't have a full day to spend on the buses, but they will still be required to purchase tickets to get our event map & attend Bridal Haus.


This event features Western Montana Wedding Association members only.  In order to participate, you'll need to be a member of the Association.  Not a member?  Click HERE to find out more about membership and why we've been going strong for the last 4 years, and still growing!


Bridal Haus is a pop-up Wedding Decor Swap!  This allows past brides to bring in their previously loved wedding decor for resale, and brides-to-be love to shop for a great deal!  Vendors often reduce excess inventory as well - do you have decorations that never get used?  This is a perfect opportunity in front of an audience that's captive & ready to buy!  Consign at Bridal Haus, and earn a few extra bucks!  Brides often purchase tickets to our event just to shop the Bridal Haus, so it's a great driving factor to get attendance as well.


P.O. Box 5194, Missoula, Montana  59806 

Tel (406) 240-2587  WesternMTWedding@gmail.com

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